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Eachine EV100

Eachine EV100Let’s make the storyline of the Blade Runner world clear first!

2019: After Tyrell’s nexus 6 clones setting the bloody battles, they were banned on earth. But several nexus 6 clones returned to earth and eventually killed the chairman of Tyrell. The Blade Runner Deckard and clone Rachel escaped from Los Angeles.

2020: Tyrell launches new nexus 8 clone. They have normal human life, but their bottom of the right eye has an identity sign.

2022: A nuclear bomb exploded over the west coast of the United States, and the Tyrell exploded. Most of the information about the nexus 8 clone was destroyed.

2023: Because the cause of the suspected accident might be the clones, the government banned them again. Some clones escaped and survived.

2028: Wallace acquires the remaining portion of Tyrell.

2036: Clone ban was abolished. Wallace launched nexus 9 clones.

2048: A nexus 8 clone was recognized in the downtown. The Blade Runner K began the journey of pursuing the clones.

2049: K found a very old clone – Rachel’s bones and found that she had a child. Some of his memories and some clues are consistent. Is K the Rachel and Deckard’s kids? In order to leave some suspense, I will no longer present the story.

Eachine EV100

What’s human?

In fact, the whole series is to explore a question: what is the essence of human? When another species also has the same appearance, thinking, “love”, and even can eliminate the reproductive isolation, what’s the difference?

Eachine EV100The only spiritual sustenance of K is his virtual reality girlfriend Joi. Joi has been accompanied by K all the times. However, during the hunt, Joi’s projector was broken. Joi left the last sentence “I love you” and disappeared. At this time, K was stopped by another projection who had the same appearance as Joi. Looking at her, K sank into a deep meditation, which also aroused our exploration of human nature. With the development of science, some high-performance VR goggles, such as the Eachine EV100 can also simulate the graphics as real as possible. Although Joi was an artificial intelligence product, she is deeply in love with someone, so I’m afraid that we have no right to say anything is unreal.

Eachine EV100

Who’s human? Who’s clone?

Ridley Scott has made it clear that Deckard was a clone, but Harrison Ford said he was human, however, Denis Villeneuve like to keep it mysterious.

Eachine EV100As to this unsolved mystery “Deckard is a human or a clone”, the answer is: it does not matter. Human, clone, or holographic projection, if you have the Eachine EV100 Goggles with high resolution, FPV mode, and adjustable focal length then there is no difference at all. With the Eachine EV100 Goggles, you can experience all the thrilling and romantic feelings just like the Blade Runner by playing games or watching videos. Everything seems so real around you and you will not feel uncomfortable at all since the Eachine is a famous brand which is committed to combining the creativity with technology to produce the top-quality drones and accessories at the best possible prices.

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