The Fingerlings Baby Monkey toys – cutest things in the world!

Baby Monkey toys


WowWee launched one of the cutest toys in the market with the fingerlings concept. These are made to look like adorable pets that children and even adults will love. They feature WowWee smart touch technology that responds to touch and motions in different ways. The Fingerlings Baby Monkey toys outrun other toys in the market by providing real life like the friendship between pet and child. They can possibly be the true companions for your little ones.

Baby Monkey toys

Difficult to take your eyes off

The Fingerlings baby monkey features a cute look and tiny design. The toy is made using nice PVC material for a classy look. They cling to the fingers very easily. They are available in a range of colors like blue, purple, white, turquoise, black, and pink with different names.

Baby Monkey toys

Real Life Emotions

The baby monkey toy actively responds to all your actions. It understands when the child is talking. It makes a kissing sound when the air is blown to its face. It also reacts when the baby monkey toy is scratched on its head. Upon cradling, it falls asleep like a real-life pet. Moreover, when you hang the fingerlings monkey toy upside down, it makes noises and turns its head. Overall, there are 40+ interactive emotions installed in this cute toy.


Low price tag

It is very hard to believe that such a cool and interactive toy is available with a low price tag. It is reasonably priced so that every child can get to play with them.


Serves educational purpose

The Fingerlings baby monkey acts like a live companion to your child. At an early age, children learn fast. This baby monkey responds to sounds, movements and blow kisses, beeps excitingly to you. This can teach children to take care of their pet at a young age and provide an important lesson of friendship.


Best-in-class Technology

The Smart-touch technology featured in this baby monkey toy is one of its kind and unique. This is the only toy in the market with real life like emotions incorporated in a pint-sized toy. Fingerlings baby monkey toys are amazing only because of this research and development by WowWee.

Baby Monkey toys


The Fingerlings baby monkey toys are clearly gaining control over the toy market. Many parents seem very happy by looking at their child learning important lessons of life with an affordable toy. The children are also impressed with these baby monkey toys. We came to know that most of the children demand a bunch of these toys to play. The startup has done a great job by combining the concept of smart and wearable technology with the toys.


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