The Best Selling Remote Control Car for the Big Boys!




Remote control cars are not just for the little ones, it does not only give the purpose to entertain but also to protect as evidence shows in the earlier days. Nikola Tesla is the one responsible for the cool toy we have in the market nowadays, the first ever remote control car invented was last 1898. In the earliest days, these toy cars were used to make radio-guided torpedoes for spying and attacking enemies with the challenge of tracking it.


The Big Toy

GPTOYS S912 is a remote control car that is of high-speed engine good for sports or friendly game even for the big guys! This cool and high-quality product is created with strong grip course tires ready to withstand jittering movements even on the rough and soft surface. What is good about these GPTOYS S912 RC cars is that it has a standard charger for everyone so it could be ready for action in any moment. It even has a weight of 1820g, enough to make sure it will not flip over when the race gets wilder.


Here are also some of the following features of this best GPTOYS Off-Road Racing Car from GP Toys Official Website:

  • Speed: 50m/hr.
  • Product 32×26.5x15cm
  • 4CH, forward/backward, left/right turn 2 speed
  • Battery: 800mA Li-ion battery for the car, controller use 2xAA Batteries


Reviews for the Big Toy

This remote control car can be driven even in sand grass and dirt without messing the machine. Just be careful in driving it with a wet and watery spot as it might affect the machine. The GPTOYS S912 RC trunk does have a different color such as black, green and red. The box packaging even has a 33mph claim for this remote control car. The high speed and quality of this car is an advantage for it to be one of the top-selling remote control cars in the market. A rechargeable battery can also be very compatible and recommended for long-lasting nonstop use.



One great way of putting off stress is to have healthier activity instead of involving oneself to vices; surely this remote control car can promote a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing the fun and thrill a person can get from playing this. It has a wide variety of target audience aiming to promote car racing awareness in the realistic but safest way setting as possible. Indeed, if you are one of those people who is looking for fun but has sense, this GPTOYS S912 RC car is surely for you!

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