Happymodel Mantis85 full review – a high-performance FPV Racing Drone

Happymodel Mantis85




Who does not like racing? Especially when it comes to drone racing nowadays! The old-school racing days are over and now it is time for highflying racing.


Specs and features:

The Happymodel Mantis85 is an elegant model with spectacular features. The product comes with elegant and lightweight design as well as jaw-dropping flight performance. The Happymodel Mantis85 comes with amazing specs and features as below:

Happymodel Mantis85


  • Lightweight design weighing just 49g
  • Installed camera with 600TVL HD CMOS ¼ inch lens
  • 4V 400mah lipo battery
  • Flight time of 4 minutes with maximum power and performance
  • SPI Sensor MPU6000
  • Built-in Betaflight OSD
  • Specific size 20mm*20mm
  • Wheelbase of 85mm with KV9000 happymodel battery
  • Oneshot42 oneshot125 multishot Dshot supported ESC
  • Firmware version betaflight 3.1.7 Dshot600
  • Packed with high-performance specs



  • what makes Happymodel Mantis85so elegant? Full carbon fiber glass and CNC aluminum alloy structure makes it strong and light weighted.
  • Racing is all about who is faster, that is why Happymodel Mantis85has extremely light and solid frame making it the fastest of all the candidates.
  • Power and torque are the gateways to winning, the powerful SE1102 motor allows you to leave your opponents in dust.
  • With many features and specifications, complexity does arrive as well. But Happymodel Mantis85comes with more powerful STM32F4 MCU + BLHELI_S ECS, making your ride and control smooth and silky.
  • Want to record your win? It comes with an adjustable camera as well.
  • Betaflight support and air mode support helps the flight.
  • Build in OSD9
  • RSSI output and BLEHELI_S pass through functionality.
  • Radio stick supported to control PID Tunes.
  • Acro mode/ air mode/ angle mode support
  • Experience the best of drone flying with spectacular features.
  • Best buy with all the features.



Five-star review

  • “elegant design love the colors and great flight experience”
  • “would not want it to end at all. Great design and powerful motor with extended flight performance and time period.”
  • “The camera feature is extraordinary and really glad to capture all those flight moments, the elegance in the controls and the operation is really smooth and easy to control”
  • “The smooth and silky control really gives the edge in flying. Though I would recommend ready the manual first just to avoid any damages done from lack of experience, don’t want to get this wonderful product damaged, worth the money”

Happymodel Mantis85


In the end, Happymodel Mantis85 is an excellent product for racing or just for drone flying, packed with superb features including powerful motor, elegant flight control, adjustable camera and marvelous flight performance, the product is definitely worth your money. Have fun flying and beating your opponents to dust. Make sure to capture those moments for the later.

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