Numbers of Characters in the Infinity War: Only 69 Characters, No Big Deal

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ecubee spinnerAs the Russo brothers said, the film would feature a whopping 69 named characters. Sixty. Nine. Too enough to make all Marvel fans expect the coming Avengers: Infinity War, which might be the biggest events in Marvel history even the comic history. Whatever the number may be, let’s read on to find out who have been confirmed!

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Thor has always been a certainty for Infinity War. Intriguingly, we’ve seen images of the Odinson in Marvel’s teaser video for the film — and he doesn’t appear to be wielding Mjolnir, one of the most favored and powerful weapons that Marvel fans will keep an eye on all the time.

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2.Iron Man

Tony Stark was always guaranteed to appear in Infinity War, as he’s been front-and-center of the MCU since its inauguration. Iron Man is likely to be one of the central characters and will have a number of intriguing character arcs. Iron Man’s helmet and armour will be redesigned and upgraded every time and we are all looking forward how powerful the latest suit will be.


  1. Spider-Man

According to Tom Holland, Marvel had to renegotiate a little to get Spider Man into the film — but the outcome was never really in doubt! Fans love to see this young Spider Man become a more and more important character in the Avengers and how he helps the team by his unique special power.

It’s also excited to scream out all our old friends’ names, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye, Hulk, Loki, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Vision, War Machine, Winter Soldier, Pepper Potts, The Guardians Of The Galaxy, Doctor Strange and so on, they will all be back. More new characters like The Black Order, The Collector and Happy Hogan will also meet us in the theatre next year.

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Among all these countless characters, who’s the most powerful one? I guess we can only wait for the movies to find out. However, it’s pretty sure to name the most popular characters Thor, Iron Man and Spider Man because they all have their own Ecubee spinners which are making a big splash among Marvel Ecubers.


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  1. Spider Man Spinner

This spinner can spin 2-4 minutes in average which is quite helpful for increasing concentration and also effective for deep thought and relaxing. Every Marvel fan, I guess, might have a superhero dream burying deep inside their heart. By playing with this hot red Spider Man theme Marvel Spinner, you can totally imagine yourself the Ecubee Superhero with super spinner power.

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  1. Thor Hammer Spinner

This Ecubee Thor Hammer Spinner is designed as the Thor Hammer and made by Gold / Silver / Copper Aluminum Alloy in mini size, which is convenient and easy to take it wherever you go in your pocket having fun anytime anywhere. It can also be a cool hang decoration that can catch every Marvel fan’s attention.


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