The Amazing Racing Drone to Have Your Attention Caught Off-Guard



Love to have a drone for yourself?

We believe you do! How about getting a racing drone with a host of features that will have your attention captivated every single time you use it. Allow us to reveal the name of the drone that will have your wildest imagination captured. Introducing, the all new ‘GOFLY-RC Falcon CP90,’ the new rage in the drone market.

GORLY-RC FALCON CP90Introduction

The Falcon brand, better known for its racing drones has come-up with a unique design that is bound to leave you speechless. With a wheel base of 95mm and being sleek in size, the racing drone is bound to envy your rivals.

The FPV Racing Drone further uses the advanced brushless motor that lets it fly without the slightest hassles anyone can possibly imagine. You also enjoy a powerful video transmitter and a high-resolution camera to help you get lip-smacking HD quality pictures. The drone also comes integrated with the buzzer to help you locate it at ease.

Safety Features

Wondering what separates this GOFLY-RC Racing Drone from the rest of its competitors?

The answer is its powerful features!

Whenever there is a mention of racing drones, the thought of a drone-crash crosses our mind. However, the CP90 drone is equipped with carbon-fibre frames that reduce the damages to the best possible extent.This helps you race the drone being worry free. Further, the motors and the propellers too are well-guarded to enhance the safety of your favorite drone.

Other Notable Features

  • Long lasting durable carbon-fibre body frame
  • Protective Canopies and Propeller Protectors with an amazing design
  • Flight Controllers
  • Real Time Image Integration
  • 2S/3S LiPo Batteries Compatible
  • Powerful LED navigation lights

Protective designs always help things to perform to their best possible extent. Nevertheless, the manufacturers have done an amazing job to have the propellers protected which ensure our peace of mind.

A notable drone enthusiast, John Aleps says, “This is the best drone purchase I have recently made. I have lost count of the many drones that I have purchased till date.” John further says, “The protective gears are the amazing differentiator of this drone from the others that I have used.” Notable drone racer Andrew highlights, “The protective gear is an integral part of the drone that keeps it safe from the crashes.”

GORLY-RC FALCON CP90Get this product and enjoy racing this drone much to the envy of your competition. Feel free to add your comments in the comment section below and discuss your drone-racing experience with other racers.

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