Flying 3D X8 Review: 6-Axis RC Quadcopter With GPS Function

Flying 3D X8

Relatively speaking, DJI RC drones are more expensive than others. If you are searching for the alternative one, you could choose Flying 3D X8. Although it is not new, it is a pretty good product. That is why I do this review. This article involves three aspects, including appearance design, function and configuration.

Flying 3D X8

Appearance Design

To begin with, it has a cool appearance design. In the top of it, there is a distinctive and attractive GPS receiver. In the front, there is a ‘cockpit window’ with LED light. If you fly it at night, you would easier to find its flight trace. Except for that, it has a design of long legs. Depending on this practical design, you can install the gimbal with a camera. However, this product does not offer you the shooting camera, you have to purchase it additionally.

Moreover, Flying 3D X8 is a 6-axis RC Quadcopter, so it enables you to have a stable flight.

Flying 3D X8


The outstanding function of Flying 3D X8 is GPS, which enables you to complete the intelligent direction control. Besides, it has the ability of automatically returning home, and you don’t have to worry about it would be lost. Most importantly, it supports RTF ( Range To Fault ) function.

Normally, it supports the flight skills of ascending, descending, forward, backward, left sideward flying and right sideward flying. Except for that, you can use it to complete the unique flight skill of precise and stable hovering. Exactly, it has the maximum flight speed of 10m/s in normal mode. While in GPS mode, it supports 5m/s high-speed flight.

Flying 3D X8


In terms of the configuration, I will show you two aspects of transmitter and battery.

It is worth mentioning that it has an excellent transmitter which has a design of large LCD screen. Depending on it, you could view all sorts of stats, such as flight altitude, battery voltage, etc. It is pretty good to realize real-time flight data monitoring. Besides, it offers lots of button controls.

It is built in a 2,200mAh lithium battery, which supports 7 to 10 minutes flight time. I think this is a drawback of it. If you would like to have longer time flight, I recommend that you have better to prepare the spare batteries for prolonging the flight time.

Flying 3D X8


In short, Flying 3D X8 is a worth trying product. It features cool appearance, precious GPS positioning and stable flight. If you do not mind the short time flight, you could choose it.

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