Alpha 1S Show Unveiled CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala

Alpha 1s

Have you ever saw the CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala before the night of Chinese new year? If your answer is yes, then you should be shocked and feel amazing upon the Alpha 1S robots show. It includes 540 pieces and even applies for a Guinness World Record.

Alpha 1S

During the show, we could see that there were 540 pieces Alpha 1S robots arranged in 4 squares with an area of 9 × 15. In order to pursuit a better stage effect, the technical staffs especially designed 3 different sets of actions for each square of Alpha 1S. Totally speaking, they have their specially customized 12 sets of dances. Account for concerning of the the movements of robot and the song rhythm, this show brings more challenge. Luckily, it gets huge success and will be remembered by China and AI community.

Alpha 1S

Alpha 1S rc robot from development to mass production took five years, and it spending a half million. In terms of its advantages, we can easily see at the CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala. It has 16 degrees of freedom joints, which imitates human skeleton body movements to come alive. Therefore, it not only can dance in the Spring Festival Gala, also can play boxing, tai chi, etc. Moreover, its eyes have blue LED lights flashing, piercing and cute. Each Alpha 1S has a fixed number, using the skill to control their eye lamp status. So when Alpha 1S lined up on the stage with the lights swing when the exciting word “rushed peak”, and instantly set off a new upsurge in the audience.


Furthermore, Alpha 1S is compatible IOS and Android mobile phone system. It is easier to operate that only need to connect to the computer through a data line. Through the special designed software, the users can edit the program on their own, without the need to have a system of professional programming knowledge. The entire editing process as 3D visualization, the user side of the edit can preview performance upon ALPHA 1S, making the whole process more intuitive. In addition to, Alpha 1S also added a “read-back” feature, so users can directly edit action in the body, connecting the Alpha 1S phone APP to record every movement trajectory and angle data, thereby reproducing operation, more convenient and user-friendly to achieve “read back” to make edit Alpha 1S action.

Alpha 1S

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