The New Coming of Interesting RC Stunt Robot Toy

RC Stunt Robot Toy

With the development of technology, more and more people focus on the research of robot. As a result, there are different kinds of robots have been produced and the RC Stunt Robot Toy is one of the outcome. Compared with other types of robots, this robot takes advantage of ornamental and interesting that it will bring you more fun. Then, let me share you how does it work.

RC Stunt Robot Toy

It has a cute appearance design, and the wheel-shape feet make it owns agile response. It features auto balance. That means it can adjust the balance by itself, also this depends on the wheel-shape feet. As a stunt robot, it has five operating modes, just as follows:

Mode 1: Function of RC model
Mode 2: Load-bearing function
Mode 3: Dace and singing songs
Mode 4: Quipped with hand and gesture smart sensors
Mode 5: Fight and attacking function

This is its controller, which shapes as an ellipsoid and has a small size for your easy holding. On its front side, you can find that there are the power switch and the direction control button. Then, in the back side, there exist the function selection key or accelerator key, and the mode selection key. By the way, you need two AAA batteries to do the power supply.

RC Stunt Robot Toy

Among its five operating modes, I am very like the load-bearing function and the dance and singing songs mode. Just install a tray on its hands, then it can load some light weight items, for example, the mobile phone. Under the dance and singing songs mode, you play one piece of music and it will dance. Also, its other modes will bring you pleasure and this Cheap RC Toys is exactly interesting.

RC Stunt Robot ToyRC Stunt Robot Toy

If you are interested in it, you can buy it from And the video as follows will bring you more detailed showing.

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