Get DIY and flight joy from Lisam LS-180 Frame Kit

Lisam LS-180 Frame Kit

What do you often do on weekends or at spare time? As far as i am concerned, i am keen on playing RC drones, especially DIY. If you are also the hobbyists like me, i recommend you to have a try with Lisam LS-180 Frame Kit.

Lisam LS-180 is mini, in size of 170*155mm. Each plate is really thin and made of carbon fiber, making it extremely light beyond your expectations. The whole structure is simple, so assembly is easy for all of us, but surprised, it is solid. So if you are new to DIY, this frame is good for you to start.

Lisam LS-180 Frame Kit

We can see the bottom plate integrates fuselage and arms into one, making the space bigger, which is precious for such a quad that is small originally. This lower plate is also the distribution board compatible with 3S and 4S battery to give you flight time as long as possible. Besides, this quad supports NAZA flight controller to allow you to hover, cruise even roll and other stunts.

Lisam LS-180 Frame Kit

If you succeed in building Lisam 180mm Frame Kit, you are going to own a quad that will make your spare time much more funny as it supports FPV flight and competitions, and you could adopts transmitter and receiver which offers longer distance.

The overall design of Lisam LS-180 Frame Kit provides enough space by integrating arms and fuselage, which makes able to mount a NAZA flight system. It is easy to build and supports FPV. It is a great deal for you to kill time. If you want more info check the full info over on our product page here.

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