Boscam GS920 review: nicer to look, greater quality

Boscam GS920

If you are going to replace your goggles used currently, you can’t go wrong with this Boscam GS920 for price and quality. It looks much nicer in silver compared to the Fatshark black. But the shades are black, which i think it is better to keep the sunlight out. Very good built quality. It comes equipped with head tracker and the dual 2.4 and the 5.8 RX built in. Besides, all the cables, whip antennas and a blue soft cloth storage bag for the goggles are included.

Boscam GS920I like Boscam GS920 more than other goggles i had. They fit snug to my face and are very comfortable for long period of time. The picture is really good on these. I had predator v2’s before and they were not nearly as good as the image i get in these. The excellent quality of screen is clear to watch. Sharp clear visuals with no fuzzing of picture make me love FPV flights. Power connector is not working very well, intermittent power cuts down but you can use 4 pin plug containing video and power.

Boscam GS920Being as heat is a killer for FPV goggles, I’m glad Boscam GS920 has the sense to make them in silver and not heat absorbing black. My only negative i can find with these is the bag they come with to store them in, which does not offer much protection from drops and bumps or if you want to put them in your flight bag along with LiPo/ props and tools or whatever. But that’s only a small niggle and does not detract from the overall quality, the quality and value for money are still very much evident as soon as you put them on your face. You can purchase the product by following this link.

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