What do you need for a FPV flight? Let Boscam tell you

Boscam RX5822

To begin your FPV journey you need at least these 4 items:
A video transmitter- To transmit the picture to the ground
A video receiver- To receive the picture on the ground
A camera- To have a picture to transmit
A video display/goggles- To watch the video feed from the airplane
This is the basic setup, the absolute necessary stuff to be able to fly FPV, and you can find you need one time on Boscam. Today, i would like to recommend two of its FPV equipment- receiver and goggles.

1.Boscam RX5822- receiver
Boscam RX5822 is a receiver providing 32 channels. A key to automatic signal search makes it easy for you to get good signal to ensure your receiving process smooth. During the whole working process, the LED display screen will show you the real-time data, so you can master the working situations and adjust signal when necessary. What’s more, ultra-low power consumption makes this machine really ideal for FPV use.

Boscam RX5822

2.Boscam GS922- goggles
Boscam GS922 seems to work very well. The wide screen is excellent quality, I think they are the only FPV goggles with wide screen, although it looks a bit further away than I thought it would be, not filling the full field of view, but the image is very clear.

They are light, get a bit hot but nothing too serious. The rubber cup is comfortable, but the nose rubber is not such a great fit on my nose, needs a bit of trim. The power cable is quite thick and stiff, with a right angle mini usb in the downward direction, which pulls the goggles slightly down on the right hand side with the weight of the cable. I think they would have been better with a straight connector, then you could run the cable round to the back and hold it in place with an elastic band. This cable is quite long so you can easily put the breakout board and battery in your pocket. Anyway, i like them very much. You can purchase the product by following this link.

Boscam GS922

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