Three new-born brothers of Cheerson CX33 family

Cheerson CX-33

Yes, you should believe what you see, Cheerson CX-33C, CX-33S and CX-33W are triplets. They adopt new Y-shaped main structure. Obviously, compared with normal quads, they decrease an arm, but by equipping with 6 motors( each arm has two), the provided power is not inferior to the quads.

Cheerson CX-33

It is a common sense that triplets share many characteristics, so do these three drones. Just judging from the appearances, it is impossible to find out their differences because even their sizes are also the same. Besides, to a certain degree, their configurations are similar.

Common specs:
Size: 310 x 345 x 85mm
Color: white
Blade size: 140mm
Flight time: 6–7 minutes
Charging time: About 170 minutes
Control distance: about 30-80M
Gyro: 6 axis
LED lights: yes
One key to take off: yes
One key to land: yes
Mode: mode 1 and mode 2, one key to switch between two modes

So now, let’s look in detail and dig out the differences among them. On the whole, i think their differences lie on the FPV equipment. Cheerson CX-33C integrates a HD camera with pixel up to 2 million, but it comes with the camera only. However, in addition to the 2MP camera, CX-33S also provides a screen on the remote controller and real-time transmission function to let you have real-time view of your drone’s flight situation so as to have better control. As to the CX-33W, it is between the above two. The pixel of its camera is lowered to 1MP. Besides, it doesn’t offer a screen, but it supports to load a smart phone, so it is still achievable to have FPV flight. Therefore, Cheerson CX-33S is the most expensive one( CX-33S: US$99.99; CX-33W: US$69.99; CX-33C: US$59.99).

Cheerson CX-33

In conclusion, Cheerson CX-33C, CX-33S and CX-33W’s flight ability is the same. But with complete FPV equipment, your flight performance maybe greater as you can watch in real time and adjust accordingly. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page.

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