The fake brother (JXD 509G) of Yuneec Typhoon Q500+

JXD 509G

I bet when you see JXD 509G at the first sight, you may think whether it is the black version of Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ if you know Q500+ before this. Indeed, they look quite similar in the aspect of appearance design, but that doesn’t mean they are the quads at same level. To be honest, Q500+ is in much higher level than JXD 509G, which can be seen from the their great difference on prices. Speaking to here, you may be down on 509G, but how about the fact?

Yuneec Typhoon Q500+

Q500 +, US$ 1,399

JXD 509GJXD 509G US$109.99

If you want me to use one sentence to describe this JXD 509G, i would like to say it this way- it gets all what a drone is supposed to have. First of all, FPV flight. As we can see, this quad integrates a HD camera whose pixel is up to 2 million, which means that we can get very clear pictures and record HD videos from the sky. The package also includes a 4G memory card, enough to store shot images and short videos( as the fight time is about 10 minutes, so your videos’ lengths are short).

At the same time, the remote controller has been equipped with a LCD screen, together with the camera, the FPV equipment is complete. We can see every detail through the screen to have better control of the JXD 509G. Meanwhile, it also gives us a chance to enjoy the brilliant sky scenery in a touchable distance. That would make our flight an unforgettable experience.

JXD 509G

JXD 509G offers high hold mode. Under this mode, it can precisely hold the height, that’s great for our aerial photography. To make funny videos or pictures, i think we could try the 360 degree roll. Colorful LED lights are also included. So, so far, the only regret is the low- capacity battery which offers only about 10- minute flight time. To know recommended configuration, you could visit product page on Banggood.

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