Feiyu series of gimbals: handheld, wearable, aerial photography, there is one kind can meet your needs

FY MiNi3D Pro Brushless Gimbal

No matter it is the handheld gimbal, wearable gimbal or aerial photography gimbal, FY always has its own style and innovation to let us enjoy the fun of shooting at any time.

The FY-G4 is a handheld gimbal specially designed for smart phones.3-axis makes it a customized stabilizer of your phones. With it on hands, it is no longer a dream for you to capture gorgeous pictures at ease because it it easy to use for one hand- you can lock your phone in the way you wish, and the quick-release adapter makes your mount and demount within seconds. For another, no matter what angles you want to shoot from, just define it! Taking pictures, recording videos or taking selfie, all will be funnier with FY-G4.

FY-G4 Smart Phone Gimbal

I love this FY WG Wearable Gimbal! It truly realizes shooting at anytime and anywhere! You can mount it on a selfie stick to make it as a handheld gimbal. Besides, you can also attach it to all universal tripod screw accessories like helmet, bike, car, etc. Meanwhile, no matter you are walking, riding, or driving, as long as you want to shoot, you just need to press the white button to power on, so convenient it is!

FY WG Wearable Gimbal can be mounted in all directions. The power-efficient feature makes this gimbal good to shoot. In one word, FY WG Wearable Gimbal is an essential companion of your life.

Feiyu Tech Wearable Gimbal

I don’t know when it starts that as long as it mentions aerial photography, I’ll soon associate with FY gimbal. That probably is because of its great popularity on RC field. When this Feiyu Tech MiNi3D Pro Gimbal came out, i know our aerial experience is going to be boosted further.

This gimbal is suitable for GoPro4 GoPro3+ GoPro3 Sport Camera. Brand new design makes it easy to assemble, one button start up makes operation simple, together with the lightweight, MiNi3D Pro is perfect for aerial photography. It comes with three modes, allowing you to shoot from all angles. Powerful motor and high precision and stability let you experience the thrill like you never have before. You can purchase the product by following this link.
Feiyu Tech MiNi3D Pro Gimbal

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