Why we should choose SunnySky motors

SunnySky motors

Not matter you are already the owner of a RC model or going to have one, i would like to highly recommend Sunnysky motors for you, which are manufactured by using quality materials and built to the last. Sunnysky 380KV/ 400KV are two members of this family, specially designed for quadcopter and multi-rotor aircraft.

Sunnysky X4110S 400KV

Sunnysky 380KV/ 400KV looks flatter than other brands of motors. It adopts long wire lead, allowing users to adapt wires according to personal needs. There are multiple installation holes on the bottom, which are compatible with most mainstream frames in the current market. In the aspect of appearance, it remains traditional looking, neat and nice.Sunnysky X4108S 380KV


We all know that motor and propeller connect with each other, so how they cooperate will affect your overall flight performance to a large extent. in terms of installation, the propeller mounting holes on Sunnysky 380KV/ 400KV are full of knurl, making the mounting more firm so that both your motor and propeller will work more stably. In addition, this motor adopts bearings in larger diameter, so it is stable at medium to low speed and reliable for sudden acceleration. High torque also ensures high efficiency for you.

Sunnysky 380KV/ 400KV gains good evaluations from users. Maybe it is not the most efficient motor in the market, but it does superior in the aspects of stability and compatibility, which is your first choice! If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the product page here.

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