Light and stable Tarot T-2D GoPro Gimbal

Tarot T-2D GoPro Gimbal

If you want to mainly take still pictures, then I’d like to recommend the Tarot T-2D GoPro Gimbal to you because it is far simpler to set up and get doing than others. This is a 2-axis gimbal, so it will lighter than 3-axis ones, it weighs only 195g and is specially designed for GoPro 3 camera.

Tarot T-2D GoPro Gimbal

Tarot T-2D GoPro Gimbal adopts 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, full CNC precision machining and brushless motor direct driving, which is easy to install and work fine right out of the box with no mess and no need extra settings. But for greener, it maybe has a little difficult to install, i suggest to watch some videos on You Tube or other websites about how to mount, and i believe you can successfully assemble it too.

Tarot T-2D GoPro Gimbal

As it is a 2-axis gimbal, so we’ll worry about its stability. But this Tarot T-2D GoPro Gimbal is different. Even the aircraft is in high speed flight, it can still stabilize and control the Gopro camera precisely with the highest stability to achieve best camera performance. So this is a nice 2 axis gimbal.

Tarot T-2D GoPro GimbalTo have a best using experience, be sure to upgrade the firmware to the latest version. During my using, i found a problem. I had some vibration issue when running this at 9Vs, but wiring it direct to a 4 cell Li-Po, it worked perfectly. So if you also meet this problem, you can try this way.

Tarot T-2D GoPro GimbalThis gimbal is a very good choice. It also supports the supply voltage polarity protection and voltage compensation, motor drive and short-circuit protection. When you enjoy your time with Tarot T-2D GoPro Gimbal, safety is also guaranteed. You can purchase the product by following this link.

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