Wltoys heals your selection difficulty

Wltoys A202

You’ll no longer need to spend much time visiting lots of websites to find your ideal RC car models because Wltoys gives all you want at once. The Wltoys A2x2 series integrates off road car, monster truck, racing car, short course and rally car. What i want to tell you is that they come with same configurations, so you don’t need to make tiring comparisons, the only thing you need to confirm is what type you want.

Common configurations and abilities:
1. quality car body
2. 4WD
3. four- wheel independent suspension
4. four-wheel shock absorbers
5. with proportion steering function
6. 100 meter control distance
7. 35km/h for the high speed
8. running time: about 20 minutes

Wltoys A202- off road buddy: outstanding climbing ability

Wltoys A202

Wltoys A212- monster truck: big wheels can conquer all kinds of roads

Wltoys A212

Wltoys A222- racing car: sudden acceleration gives you unprecedented excitement

Wltoys A222

Wltoys A232- short course truck

Wltoys A232

WLtoys A242- rally car: stable performance

Wltoys A242

Another interesting point is that they are also priced at the same level- US$ 54.99! Same configurations, same price, so you just need to choose the type you like most in your heart. If you want more info check the full info over on our product page here.

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