Exo GP-1 shell makes GoPro become a Leica camera instantaneously

Exo GP-1

Sport cameras are more suitable to wear compared with ordinary cameras. So generally, they are small in size that can’t be easily hold on hands. Maybe it is in consideration of people’s photographic needs with sports camera in daily life, Kickstarter released Exo GP-1 – a shell specially designed for GoPro cameras, which is priced at US$ 155 and will begin dispatching in January next year.

Exo GP-1Exo GP-1 Exo GP-1

Although the appearance is full of Leica feel, Exo GP-1 has its own features in fact. The tiny GoPro becomes just right to hand after wearing the shell. The top left corner is the viewfinder, the bottom is 1/4 inch hole for tripod mounting. Besides, on the top is designed with a cold shoe mount, in that case, it is no problem to mount tripod or install flash light. The design team also said they will optimize the design of filter in the future, and will consider designing iPhone as an external screen.

Exo GP-1 Exo GP-1 Exo GP-1 Exo GP-1 Exo GP-1 Exo GP-1 Exo GP-1 Exo GP-1 Exo GP-1 Exo GP-1

Exo GP-1, the camera shell specially for GoPro
Price: US$ 155
Delivery time: January 2016
Crowdfunding website: Kickstarter


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