The shooting effect and flight time test for DJI Inspire 1 with carrying a Zenmuse X5

Zenmuse X5

We know that recently DJI released a new camera gimbal- Zenmuse X5. I bet you guys must have many confusion and curiosity. To meet all your needs, we tested how it work by mounting it on the Inspire 1 the first time. That is to say, the Inspire 1 Pro we use currently is actually upgraded from Inspire 1.

Zenmuse X5 Zenmuse X5 Zenmuse X5

Because the time was rush and we hoped to offer you the newest information, this test video is rough. We even had no time to set X5’s parameters and researched how to get best shooting parameters, which means that the video shown today is not the final result.

Of course, we’ll release the detailed test data and original images in the near future, so keep your eyes on

Next, i think you must be concerned a lot about the flight time:

We had tested the flight time from all aspects. When we started flying, the 5700mAh battery was full of power. The video is a bit long, be patient.

To avoid visual fatigue, the video will also show you the various postures of Inspire 1 carrying Zenmuse X5 in the sky.

When the battery is going to run out of power, you’ll hear of alarm to return, but we still didn’t let it return, but kept flying until it landed automatically.

How about the flight time indeed, you have the final say.

Zenmuse X5 Zenmuse X5 Zenmuse X5


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