Emax Nighthawk Pro 200: smaller size, optimized designs

Emax Nighthawk Pro 200

It seems that it is a tendency to make smaller and smaller crossing drone. This all new Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 comes with more compact size and reasonable hierarchical structure, combing with strong power, you would definitely enjoy a fabulous crossing experience!

Emax Nighthawk Pro 200Designs
On the basis of inheriting the always good traditions of Nighthawk family, this Pro 200 adds new design concepts and upgrades the power system. At the first sight, the hierarchical structure makes this drone neat and comfortable to look. The whole fuselage is made adopting 4MM pure carbon fiber, simple and durable.

This version equips with protective base for motors, which greatly reduces the harm to motors caused by the drop of drone.Emax Nighthawk Pro 200

The camera installation hole tilts upwards, good for FPV flight.

Emax Nighthawk Pro 200The battery compartment is moved downwards to concentrate barycenter, so your 3D flight will be more agile. It also provides a top cover for battery to better protect it and ensure it work normally.

Emax Nighthawk Pro 200

Material: All Carbon Fiber
Wheelbase: 210mm
Weight: 160g

What else do you need?

  • Motor: MT2204II
  • ESC: Nano 12A
  • Propeller: 5030
  • Flight controller compatible: Skyline32,CC3D,Rabbit, KK, MWC, NAZA, and support
  • Skyline32, KK2.0, CC3D
  • PBD: 5V/12V output
  • Battery: 2S-4S, 1000~1800mAH
  • FPV transmitter: 200MW/400MW/600MW
  • Camera: 32 CCD 808/808 V2

Recommended flight controller

MINI NAZE32 ACRO Flight ControllerTo fit the smaller size of Emax Nighthawk Pro 200, i think this MINI NAZE32 ACRO Flight Controller is perfect. It is also in smaller size compared with pothers, specially designed for FPV multirotor. At the heart is a 32-bit Cortex M3 processor. Besides, it also combines MPU6050 Accelerometer/Gyro and 6 motor outputs. Featuring batt/ voltage monitoring, your flight will be safer. Meanwhile, the three status LED lights aim to let you know the real-time flight conditions. It could take just about any demands you could throw at it. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page here.

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