GW008 Quadcopter VS GW007-1 Quadcopter


When different drones that belong to the same series come out, we’ll often put them into comparisons to see which one is most worthy to buy. But it seems that the choice between GW008 and GW007-1 is easy to make because they differ a lot in fact. For me, just in consideration of the exterior design, i prefer the GW007-1 as it is colorful and dynamic, and i refuse the evil face of GW008.

GW007-1GW008Maybe it is because GW008 is mini that the flying abilities are less good. We can see no matter it is the flight time, remote control range or camera setting, GW007-1 is better.


Without camera, GW008 tends to be dull. While the 2.0MP HD camera makes your flight with GW007-1 more rich as you can fly as well as shoot at the same time, which is a must-have equipment for me. But if you care more about the operational difficulty, i can tell you both of them are easy to handle: headless mode, one key to return and 6-axis gyro spare no effort to simplify operations. From this aspect, we can find a new feature on GW008, that’s the Automatic Parallel System which makes flight safer and more stable, so this drone would be better for people to learn flying.

GW007-1 itself is upgraded from DM007, so it has conquered the weaknesses and made improvements taking the previous version as reference to show a greater aircraft. While this smaller GW008 is a totally new one with some new features. Again, i myself prefer the GW007-1, of course you have your own judge standards, maybe the comparisons between prices would help you to make decisions. ( GW007-1: US$49.99, GW008:US$18.99) If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the product page on Banggood and can be ordered here.

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