Feilun FC082 enables you to gain excitement from lightening speed

Feilun FC082

Carl Benz created the first car with realistic significance. But he never knew that nowadays, car is very expensive. For most people, it is a dream to feel the excitement of acceleration from 0 to 100km. However, this Feilun FC082 can give you the speed and furious you dream of.

Feilun FC082

Amazing speed
Feilun FC082 is the downsized version of real car but remains same mechanical principle and adopts similar structure and operational features, which will give you most real driving experience. It is in size of 38×24.2×16.5cm, but the excitement it offers can compete with the real car. FC082 is able to accelerate to the max speed of 32km/h, so you can also enjoy the lightening speed and the strong turning ability. Therefore, for those who pursue speed, this car is the best choice.

Suspension equipment
In driving real car, while we pursue fast speed, we should put safety in the first place. The same principle for RC car. Feilun FC082 is equipped with shock absorber both in the front and tail, keeping you driving stably uttermost, so even you are at speedy running, you are safe. In that case, the damage your car would suffer is reduced.

Feilun FC082It comes with two versions

Feilun FC082

Running time is about 8 to 10 minutes, while the control distance is farther, up to 60 meters. But i am going to complain about the super long charging time, about 3 hours! Compared with the charging time, the running time seems to be very short.

Feilun FC082 provides heart-beating speed and relatively suspension systems to ensure excite but safe running in a wide range. But the long charging time and short playing time may can’t full satisfy your playing needs. To know recommended configuration, you could visit product page on Banggood.

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