Tarot TL250C, unique design brings unique flight experience

Tarot TL250C Frame Kit

Are you bored with your drone which can be seen everywhere? Most of us want to be outstanding. Tarot aims to offer the coolest models, and this TL250C seems meet your needs. Undoubtedly, it is distinguished from other frames with the creative robot cat design. I recommend it.

Tarot TL250C

Weight: 133g
Wheelbase: 250mm
Color: yellow
Frame height / Assembly height:90.4mm
Frame length / Assembly length: 203 mm / 288 mm
Frame width/ Assembly width:220mm / 302mm
Battery carbon fiber board:1.6mm
Antiskid stick:YES
Main material:Ultralight fiber material
Shell material:PET
Shock landing gear:Rubber cushion

1, heat-resistant, friction- resistant and creep- resistant shell make it is suitable to fly in all kinds of  environment
2, broad installation space
3, excellent capability of heat dissipation
4, light weight

Coming with the robot cat unique appearance, Tarot TL250C is a breath of fresh air and going to give you unusual flight experiences. As a whole, it inherits the features that Tarot series of quads have. But the gliding streamline on the top and the empty design on sides make it smoother to fly in the air.

In addition, the top cover is operable, so it is much convenient for you to install components as well as repairs. What’s more, you can get many fancy designs on Tarot TL250C, such as adjustable camera angle, fast unload and lock, lightweight and so on.

Picture show

Tarot TL250C Tarot TL250C Tarot TL250C

What else do you need?
Brushless motor:1806-2280KV TL300H
Brushless ESC:NANO 12A mini ESC TL300G2(Required)
Propeller:5″ 3-Leaf Propeller  TL300E6
Flight control:mini CC3D flight control
FPV:5.8G 600MW TL300N
Antenna:5.8G antenna TL300K

Maybe you just need a unique quad to make you outstanding or you just pursue the feeling of freshness, but on the basis of giving you that, Tarot TL250C spends great efforts to make it good to fly. so enjoy the both good looking and good flight ability with this quad. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page here.

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