600TVL Camera is your great choice for FPV application

600TVL camera

If you look for a suitable camera for FPV, then i would like to highly recommend this 600TVL Camera. It is a very decent camera, especially considering its sizes. This tiny little thing is great for FPV builds, but can be a bit tricky to mount as there is no case, but overall, the quality is fantastic!

600TVL Camera

I was wondering how such a small camera delivering such good performance! The lens is pretty wide, perfect for FPV. Some may like it and some may not. For my personal preference I prefer a wide lens so I can see more. The video quality is very good and color contrast is just fine well. In addition, the resolution is common for FPV and there is no noticeable input lag. In a word, it delivers sharp and wide-horizon images.

600TVL Camera

Besides, it is great that 600TVL Camera adapts fast to different lighting conditions, so it is not only fantastic for flying during the day, it also works perfect in low light places. Since it does only handle up to 5V input, i power mine from the output rail of an APM 2.6, which works perfectly. As it is small enough, i directly put it on the gimbal so that i can aim at the gimbal accurately at what want.

600TVL Camera

600TVL Camera is tiny, offering wide angle, fine definition and outstanding ability to adapt to light conditions, it is a not bad camera for outdoor FPV application. For the price and the quality, you can’t go wrong. To know recommended configuration, you could visit product page on Banggood.

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