DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal Review: good performance, easy to calibrate

DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal

Before starting my review of DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal, i would like to ask those who have using experiences with Tarot T-2D GoPro Gimbal, whether it is a really great gimbal. Before i bought this Smart, my friend suggested me to buy the Tarot one, but i was afraid it is not stable enough as it is 2-axis. But no matter whether i missed a good gimbal or not, all i want to say is that this DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal is also wonderful.

DYS Smart Gopro GimbalIn my opinion, for video work, a 3 axis is essential, that’s why i didn’t choose the Tarot T-2D. Pretty good build quality and a quality controller (not like the really cheap ones) make me really impress with DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal. It is introduced to be plug and play, but for me, it didn’t work out of the box. But with some patience and a lot of forum reading, i got it up and running including RC tilt control. And with a bit of tuning, it offers great performance and stability, and does all i expect.

DYS Smart Gopro GimbalEverything is is aluminum and carbon fiber, DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal weighs about 230g. I’ve simply attached to my Phantom, connected battery and two channels on receiver and away you go. Due to your aircraft thrust, it may needs some PID settings and absolutely loosing power if your batteries voltage is lower than 12V. I think the best setup scenario is 4S setup and using BEC for gimbal at 12V all the time.

DYS Smart Gopro GimbalSoftware of DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal can be downloaded from the Internet, and it is accurate and comprehensive. At the beginning, the YAW was out slightly( means the camera pointed left a little), but after downloading the GUI, it was simple to tweak to straighten it.

What’s more, it is no problem to connect a AV plug to send the image on FPV, there is enough place. In one word, DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal is a fine product. To know recommended configuration, you could visit product page on Banggood.

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