DYNAM Flight Simulator review: perfect for having fun and practicing

DYNAM Flight Simulator

I never used a flight simulator before this, but when i heard of it at the first time, i think it is a good tool to help us improve our operational skills to real RC models, so i bought DYNAM Flight Simulator from Banggood. After using, this product is not bad in my opinion. The package includes a FMS CD simulator software, so you can start playing with no need to download from other website.

DYNAM Flight Simulator

It is good that DYNAM Flight Simulator uses a USB cable only without other additional required. The USB is sensitive that succeeds in connecting with my computer in Win 7 operation system within a short time. Besides Win 7, it is also compatible with Windows2000 / XP / ME / 98 / VISTA . What’s more, it supports interactive keyboard operations, but i haven’t tried. Anyhow, this is a thoughtful design to meet different people’s habits.

DYNAM Flight Simulator

After setup, the performance is not bad. There are 19 airplanes and 3 helicopter available for me to practice. I would like to highly praise the simulation environments. The screen shows omnibearing 3D tridimensional graphic landscape with dimensional sound effect, which makes it seem that i am controlling a real model in the outside, so stimulating! I love the no crash feature of the program. When I accidentally fall the simulated model into the ground it just rights itself and starts flying again.

No matter you just want to have fun or aim to improve your flight skills, DYNAM Flight Simulator is a good choice for you! If you want more info check the full info over on our product page here.

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