Futaba T18SZ, full telemetry function

Futaba T18SZ

It would be great if there is a multipurpose machine to meet our various needs. Futaba T18SZ transmitter can be used to control almost all kind of RC aircraft, so even you replace your using drone with another one, you don’t need to buy a new transmitter. Can it be counted as a multipurpose machine?

Futaba T18SZ

With an incredibly sophisticated 18-channel marvel, this Futaba T18SZ is perfect for pro pilots and weekend wingers alike. It is set up to receive temperature, RPM, altitude,GPS, voltage, current and data logging telemetry information, and shows them on the equipped 4.3 inch full-color and fast-processing touch LCD screen for quick, clear data viewing and menu surfing, keeping you more tightly riveted to your aircraft than ever before. In addition, T18SZ newly adds some funny functions which also makes our operations convenient. For example, the telemetry voice messages keep you up to date on your plane’s vital statistics, the speaker and earphone jack for audible telemetry announcements.

Futaba T18SZ comes with a Futaba R7008SB Receiver and a 6.6V 2100mAh Life battery, offering super long using time about 7 to 8 hours. What’s more, the internal memory is large that you can save your settings for all your aircraft, up to 30 models! And you don’t need to worry it will become old version as time goes on that can fit your new drone because it is updatable to let you keep your radio cutting edge.

Full telemetry function, intuitive full touchscreen display and long battery life make Futaba T18SZ the radio every serious pilot needs at the field. If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the product page here.

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