FeeYoung ZX-250 VS QAV250 frame

FeeYoung ZX-250

FeeYoung ZX-250 & QAV250 frame are belong to QAV250 series of frames. Just evaluating from their appearance designs, i think FeeYoung ZX-250 will gain more people’s favors. That’s true, after long-time researches, this ZX-250 combines the stability of standard X240 frames, adopts WASP way to place components, together with GE260Z folding design and an anti-twist robot cat body, it is the perfect frame for all hobbyists.

FeeYoung ZX-250

Being made of full carbon fiber, FeeYoung ZX-250 only weighs 125g. When you mount the arms, you’ll find that there is not a hole jut right to fit the screw, but an arc. this little change makes this quad foldable, so you can manipulate the four arms at will. To some extent, it is convenient for your carry.

FeeYoung ZX-250

QAV250 frame is made using the same material with FeeYoung ZX-250. It is a common frame with a common appearance design we can see everywhere, and without foldable design, but it is also a very nice kit. I think its biggest advantage compared with ZX-250 is that it comes with almost everything you need, including motors, propellers, ESC, flight controller, battery, charger  and power distribution board, so you don’t need to spend time on seeking proper components. Therefore, for those who wants to make things simple, this QAV250 combo is ideal for them.


QAV250 frame is good value for money. Although the FeeYoung ZX-250 is also cheap at price of US$35.99, it is uncertain whether it will cost more than QAV250 frame with buying all the needed components.

Recommended configurations for FeeYoung ZX-250:
Motor: 1806/2204 2200-2300KV
ESC: 10A-12A
Flight control: Openpilot CC3D
Propeller: 5 inch
Battery: 2200mAh 3S/1500mAh 25C
Flight time: 8-10 minutes

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