Syma X13 review: with headless mode and 3D flips

Syma X13

When it comes to this Syma X13,we have to mention its superior quality. It is made to be more durable. Prop guards are also equipped to protect propellers from damaging when collision takes place. Well, i think this is good for beginners who often have hit accidents because of unskilled operations. But to reduce damages, you’d better fly in outdoor where there has broader space although it supports both indoor and outdoor flight.

Syma X13Coming with size of 15.6*15.6*3.6cm, you may not notice its existence when it just stands there. But as soon as it takes off, you’ll be fully attracted by its amazing power. We can see that the motors are protected by the fully- wrapped design, so no matter how fast you want it to rotate, it won’t shift.

Syma X13

Because Syma X13 is stabilized by a 6-axis gyro, you can easily control it to do all kinds of flight actions, so this quad is perfect for beginners to practice. But the simple flying of WSAD is too boring, so the 360 degree flips will make your flight experience far more interesting. While, we all know that such kind of stunt consumes more power, which will shorten the whole flight time. If you fly sanely, you would enjoy flight time about 5 minutes. By the way, it is charged via the included USB cable, of course you could charge through connect with a wall socket or a USB port on computer, but the former way is faster. In addition, i think it is a good idea to carry a power bank outside with you to power your Syma X13.

LED lights for night flights

Syma X13






Last but not least, you will notice a detail that Syma X13 comes with foot pads on its four legs, and they make landing safer and stabler. In conclusion, Syma X13 is a great quad for entry-level players. You can purchase the product by following this link.

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