Tarot ZYX-M Flight Controller ensures high-performance and safe flight

Tarot ZYX-M Flight Controller

Do you want to have a different flight experience? Use Tarot ZYX-M Flight Controller on your drone and you’ll soon understand what a splendid flight should be. It integrates multiple new technologies including a flight controller, GPS module, PMU module and USB module and simplifies all complicated operations to bring you an easy and natural flight experience.

Tarot ZYX-M Flight ControllerTarot ZYX-M Flight Controller equips with an intelligent flight control with smart computing and navigation control system, so your aircraft can have both stability and maneuverability. Besides, you can adjust the pitching, rolling and yaw characteristics, arbitrary design specific according to your preference, truly achieving the flight you want most. Moreover, this flight control is more comprehensive than you think. The multiple abnormal state will be alarmed and timely remind you to appropriate action to prevent unusual circumstances. In a word, you’ll fly much more safely.

The GPS module is high- performance with fast satellite speed and accurate positioning. If you fly under the GPS speed mode, your flight speed can be precisely controlled, so it will not happen unexpected rapid rise and fall, ensuring a safe flight for you. Also, featuring uncontrolled return, in case some accident takes place, you can still land safely.

Tarot ZYX-M Flight ControllerThe PMU module is also great to work. It owns dual power output, which makes it capable of powering flight controller, gimbal and transmitter at the same time. It comes with the function of voltage checking, so when there is low voltage, it will alarm to ensure a safe use. Beyond that, Tarot ZYX-M Flight Controller combines a USB module with LED indicators which indicate the your drone’s working status in real-time. With everything is under master, you’ll surely have a great control of your drone.

From the above, we can see that Tarot ZYX-M Flight Controller place much premium on safety to ensure every safe flight for us. Just for this point, it is worthy to buy. If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the product page here.

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