WLtoys Q272, mini body creates great fun

WLtoys Q272

Don’t you think WLtoys Q272 has eyes? The built-in LED lights in the front make me feel that it is starring at me! So you can not only fly freely during daytime, the “eyes” will also lighten your night road and lead you to fly as great as the day’s.

WLtoys Q272WLtoys Q272 is a mini hexacopter. If you have ever touched the WLtoys Q282J & Q282G, you’ll not be strange to this one. But it comes with even smaller size, 8.3*7.4*2.15cm. Put it above your smart phone, it is just like a picture on your phone. Petite body and exquisite line, i believe you’ll be so fond of it that you cannot take your hands off it.

WLtoys Q272

Undoubtedly, this is a great toy to have fun. Your house is broad enough for WLtoys Q272 to fly, i think. Of course, outdoor flight is permitted, but a plane with such a size, i don’t deem it is capable of resisting winds. This super mini hexacopter flies with less noise, 360 degree spin is finished well with the help of 6-axis gyro, headless mode and built-in coreless motor, so its active movements will surely add more vitality for your house. Why not to fly indoors?

For mini drone, you surely can’t expect a long flight time. WLtoys Q272 allows you to fly about 4 minutes within distance of 20 meter. Flight time and remote control distance are limited, but i believe you will get maximum joy during that period. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page here.

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