Using experience with Rollei sport camera: flexible to wear, support 4K record

Rollei sport camera

Sport camera has been the digital camera that we greatly concern. With the exquisite and compact features, it can be flexibly worn, adapt to varied usage scenarios as well as shoot clear pictures even 4K videos. There has an interesting phenomenon: sport camera is small enough, but it still develops towards more mini size and some are only as large as a matchbox! Rollei 500 is one outstanding representative.

Rollei sport camera

Rollei 500 is cabinet, but the configurations and functions are awesome: it is capable of taking 4K ultra clear videos. The built-in WIFI allows users to easily connect it with smart watches to transmit images. Now, let’s have a know about how it is used.

Design and setting: small and neat
Rollei 500 is a mini diamond, which is extremely convenient to carry. At the same time, it comes with abundant accessories, including a cover shell which is water- resistant under 10- meter water and fall-resistant from the height of 1.5meter.

Rollei sport camera

The designs are simple. There is a shutter button on the top, a USB port on the side. For more settings, they need to be done by some APP or connecting with smart phone via WIFI. In general, this camera is easy to handle.

Rollei sport camera

Rollei 500 also owns a built-in card slot on the body, but unfortunately, the largest capacity it supports is 32GB micro SD, which is tight for shooting 4K videos. I sincerely hold this problem can be improved in the future by upgrading firmwares.

Image quality
Rollei 500 is able to record videos with resolution ratio of 4K ( 15fps), 2K( 30fps) and 1080P ( 50 fps). From the examined pictures, we can see that this camera owns mainstream image quality. Although details are not outstanding, the color renditions are united, which can meet users’ needs of uploading to the social networks.

Rollei sport camera

In addition, what deserve to be mentioned is the battery life which offers 2- hour using time. Compared with other similar cameras like the GoPro Hero 4 Sliver, this one owns better performance.

Rollei 500 is a middle-class sport camera featuring neat design but complete functions. It provides abundant accessories, mainstream functions and image quality. Although it is not perfect in some aspects, it is still able to meet users’ pursues for portability.


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