Diatone Grasshopper 160 VS Diatone ET 150

Diatone Grasshopper 160

When you saw Diatone Grasshopper 160 at the first sight, did you associate with Diatone ET 150? Obviously, they look similar, and some people said this 160 is the clone of the 150. Is it that true? Let’s have a closer look in the followings.

Let’s start with their sizes. Of course, they are different:
Diatone Grasshopper 160 specs:
Width: 160mm
Height: 32mm
Propeller: 4″ (102mm)
Weight: 30g
Motor mount bolt holes: 12/19mm

Diatone Grasshopper 160








Diatone ET 150 specs:
Width: 150mm
Height: 26mm
Propeller: 3’’( 76mm)
Weight: 26g
Motor mount bolt holes: 8/12mm

Diatone ET 150








Both of them are made of carbon fiber, but from the above parameters, we can know clearly that Diatone Grasshopper 160 is wider and higher with longer arms compared with the Diatone ET 150. Therefore, it supports to install larger propellers and motors, which will undoubtedly produce stronger power, so your flight with 160 will be more powerful.

Different size means you will get different installation spaces from this two frames, so the selections of power components for them differ. However, their requirements on camera specification are the same, so if you are considering to choose from them, you don’t need to think about this question.

Put specification differences aside, both Diatone Grasshopper 160 and Diatone Grasshopper 160 are nice frame with BEC and power board included as well as favorable price. Take them for indoor and outdoor FPV. You can purchase the product by following this link.

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