New Boss on Construction Sites Is a Drone


Summery: Drones are being used to capture video footage that shows construction progress at the Sacramento Kings’ new stadium in California.


The used drone in this construction site is developed by ImageInFlight. It equips with multiple cameras, which make it able to patrol and shoot at the same time, and then show by means of 3D pictures. After that, the pictures will be processed by a software created by Southern Illinois University. During the process, the system will put these pictures into comparisons with the construction plan and pictures before this to measure progress of the whole project. In this way, we can know clearly which part falls behind and who needs to improve working efficiency.

Well, for the workers, they may feel anxious to some extent with a drone hovering above them during the whole working period. However, one of the developers of this drone said, “ it is a common phenomenon to use cameras or employ someone to monitor. It’s true that using drone as a monitor will cause some inconveniences, but you should understand that it has not bad impact on workers’ efficiency. Instead, it just aims at motivating workers to enhance their working efficiency.”


In addition, the developing team in Southern Illinois University is working on developing this kind of drones. They also have intentions to build a crowdsourcing platform, where people can classify the workers, so project managers can have overall ideas about worker’ performances.

If this kind of drone is applied, the construction companies will definitely save a lot. We all know that construction site is far more broad as well as complicated, so it would take lots of labor force and expenditure on monitoring and project progress. According to a report released by National Academy of Sciences in 2009, it said that workers in construction line are more inefficient to work than other lines. There are still many weaknesses in project planning, cooperation and communication and so on.


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