Cheerson CX-90 offers new joint flight experience with your friends

Cheerson CX-90

Want to try something fresh? This brand- new Cheerson CX-90 would be a nice try. It is a small helicopter, and flying a helicopter is different from others like quad, which can definitely satisfy your desire to new flight experiences.

Cheerson CX-90Cheerson CX-90 is good to look with the unique streamlined design and just right size, convenient for you to carry, suitable to play in broad outdoor environment and able to flexibly fly through narrow space. The fuselage is made using nylon fiber, making the structure more firmly. Equipped with 6-axis gyro and flybarless balance electronic control system, CX-90 owns very good ability of anti winding, although it is light, it flies light-footed as well as stably in outdoor.

Cheerson CX-90In addition, you could invite your friends to play together with you. Cheerson CX-90 adopts a full-range remote controller which supports your helicopter to fly with others at the same time without signal interference. And i believe this unique joint flight would double your joys as you guys can jointly witness your drones doing 3D eversion, passing each corner, lifting or dropping, etc. When your CX-90s fly up to the maximum 80 meters, your friendship also spreads 80 meters away. Sharing happiness and woe is what friends do, so share your happiness of flying Cheerson CX-90 with your friends. You can purchase the product by following this link.

Rotor diameter: 318mm
Body length: 330mm
Height: 110mm
Weight: 117g
Main motor: brushed 132
Tail motor: brushes 8523
Servo:43g, 5 wire servo
Gyro: 6 axis
Flight time: about 6-7 minutes
Remote control distance: about 80 meters
Transmitter: TX6050S

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