When it comes to small-sized aircraft, i always believe JJRC can offer us the best choices. From now on, this two new JJRC drones – H12W & H11C may affect your buying decisions. As to which one can better meet your needs, let’s have a comparison between them in the followings.

JJRC H12WJJRC H12W & JJRC H11C own very similar size, but coming with different appearance design and color assortment, they give us different aesthetic feelings. In the aspect of flight, they share same features: headless mode and one key to return, together with their compact size, they are suitable for people who seek for easy operations.

JJRC H11CBut in regard to the flight time, JJRC H11C has advantage. It offers long flight time up to 11 minutes, which is 3 minutes longer than H12W’s, and from this point, more people may be convinced by H11C. Actually, H12W also has its own feature and advantage too, that’s the WIFI connection function, which allows you to transmit the images shot by your camera to your smart phone. While the image definition is not as good as H11C’s.

Moreover, their equipped remote controllers also differ a lot. JJRC H11C adopts a clear-to-understand controller, and you can well identify each button’s function, which would make your operations easy and simple. JJRC H12W chooses a full- range controller and offers much longer remote control distance.


In conclusion, JJRC H11C provides clearer images and longer flight time, and JJRC H12W adds WIFI connection function as well as offers longer remote control distance. By the way, H11C is priced at US$48.99, and H12W is US$62.99. For more information, please check the product page.

Color: orange
Size: 31cm*31*cm
Flight time: 8 minutes
Remote control distance: about 300 meters
With LED lights
With 720P HD camera

Color: blue
Size: 33 x 33 x 8.5cm
Flight time: about 11 minutes
Remote control distance: about 120 meters
With LED lights
With 2.0MP HD camera

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