JJRC H13C is a leader in the aircraft industry


JJRC H13C is a four-axis aircraft with the function of aerial photography. The included HD camera is loadable and needs to mount by yourself. Because of the distinctive design, it has a very high reorganization. The outline is extremely smooth, the color assortment is fashionable, all combine to give you a quad with sense of simple beauty.

JJRC H13CWhat comes together with the attractive appearance is the excellent manufacturing. JJRC H13C’s fuselage is made of plastic frame which has a strong toughness and impact resistance, so you don’t need to worry when collisions happen during your flights. For the same reason, the guard circles all around the blades are installed to protect the blades from being damaged. In addition, undercarriages are assembled to let you land safely by buffering strong force.

JJRC H13C is dynamic.Adopting 2.4G spread spectrum technology, it has a function of four-channel flight. But the simple flying of WSAD is too boring, and the new 3D rolling special effects would definitely surprise you and bring more flight fun for you. Featuring headless mode and one-key-return, you can easily handle this quad. What’s more, with the built-in 6-axis gyro, H13C is able to hover stably, which is good for your aerial photography.


Night lights are also built inside the H13C, which makes it like star blinking and doting the night sky. Integrating all these configurations and functions, JJRC H13C is the real leader in the aircraft industry.

Packages include:


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