JIYI P2 Pro OSD makes your FPV flight worry-free


I am happy with this JIYI P2 Pro OSD. It is a good choice for JIYI autopilot systems, such as P2, P2 pro. It is convenient to use. Lightweight, compact size. Besides, it can be powered by JIYI multicopter power module or individual 5V system and upgraded via connecting USB cable. Connected easily but works great.

JIYI P2 Pro OSDJIYI P2 Pro OSD does very good in transmitting flight data. First of all, it is able to accurately record and transmit information including power voltage, flight velocity, height, and distance from the home point, horizontal attitude, and GPS satellite number and so on, and superpose these multiple data on the video monitor in real time, so you can have clearly view of all the information and adjust your flight accordingly, which would definitely help to give you ever awesome FPV flights.

JIYI P2 Pro OSDJIYI P2 Pro OSD is compatible with both NTSC and PAL video source inputs. You can also use an R/C transmitter switch to remotely select which video source input what you want to use. It is just a must-have part for your drone. It can tell you everything you could possibly want to know, it gives you voltage, direction, memorized takeoff location, and is very accurate on speed, and surprisingly accurate on altitude. The best part is that it tells you how many satellites are connected to your P2 or P2 pro GPS meaning you can know immediately when you’re ready to take off instead of relying only on a flashing LED.

JIYI P2 Pro OSDIn one word, JIYI P2 Pro OSD has a lot of important status. And they are just all the basic information a pilot will need. Get it and enjoy worry- free FPV flights. If you want more info check the full info over on our product page here.

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