HSD F-16, a large and stable-to-fly plane

HSD F-16

We are not strange to large-scale planes, maybe this HSD F-16 shares some same features with others we met before. It comes with a super large size: it is 1809mm long and the wingspan is 1245mm. Such a big body makes it heavier than other planes although it is also made of EPO.


In the aspect of appearance, HSD F-16 combines several new designs. First of all, the clip-on design on canopy makes it easy to take apart and convenient for you to put receiver. Secondly, the front design on the wingspan is leaned to both side, which makes it more compatible with winds during flight, so you could fly more stably and smoother. In addition, to let you know about your real-time flight situations, this plane provides LED lights and three flash modes on vertical stabilizer. What’s more, landing gears are also mounted to reduce damages during landing.


To some extent, HSD F-16 needs you to assemble. But it adopts fixed screw design for installation on the whole plane and no glue needed, so it is convenient for you to assemble. Motor, ESC, servos and EDF are included. To make your plane fly, you are supposed to prepare transmitter, receiver, battery and charger.


Undoubtedly, HSD F-16 is much more stable to fly with its larger shape, slant design on wingspan and stabilizer on both vertical and horizontal. Through finishing few installations, you will own this wonderful plane. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page here.

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