Feiyu FY-G3 Gimbal brings me infinite happniess

Feiyu Tech FY-G3 Ultra

Most of you must be very familiar with Feiyu series hand-held gimbals. If so, you surely know that each kind of its gimbal is specially designed for a model of camera or smart phone. FY-G3 Gimbal is another member of Feiyu, designed for Gopro3. As always, this kind of gimbal is very good to use. I would like to share the story happening between FY-G3 and me.

Feiyu FY-G3 Gimbal

Last time, i brought FY-G3 Gimbal to my friend’s birthday party with the aim of recording happy moment only belonging to us. The gimbal features light weight, easy to carry, simple to use, power-and-go , and designed a very convenient and practical power switch ,whose of all ensured me to take photos easily and captured many interesting and hilarious facial expressions. I am keen in the Autodyne Mode. The flexible and wide-angle 3-axis gimbal made me easily adjust the angle of pitch, roll and heading so that i managed to autodyne at a desired angle. When we look at these pictures, we can’t help laughing. I’m obliged to FY-G3 Gimbal for bringing so much joy to us.

Feiyu FY-G3 Gimbal

FY-G3 Gimbal has one point making me feel thoughtful. The package includes four batteries and one battery charge. But in practical using, we just need to employ three batteries at a time, the left one is to be used as a backup, so we can continue to shoot in case the other three batteries are going to be discharged. Besides, in order to prevent us from being helpless when some strange situations appear, its instruction have stated in what situation we should initialize to keep it work normally. These warm behaviors are enough to persuade me to take FY-G3 Gimbals back home.

Feiyu FY-G3 Gimbal

The only thing i could wish more for is to make it water proof so i could use it on all weather. All in all, i felt lucky that i found FY-G4 Gimbals in a crowded and took it home. If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the product page here.


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