WLtoys Q282J VS WLtoys Q282G

WLtoys Q282J

WLtoys Q282J and WLtoys Q282G are twins! With totally same appearance and size, you may mix them with each other. I think there is only one way that can help us figure out them, that’s the remote controller. Both of them adopts full-scale controllers and offers left hand throttle mode, but Q282G comes with a FPV monitor allowing people to have real-time views of the sky scenery and the performance of the drone, and most of us love this function. Well, you get what you pay for. WLtoys Q282G with FPV monitor is more expensive than the Q282J without this equipment, whose prices are US$98.99 and US$54.99 respectively.

WLtoys Q282JWLtoys Q282GThese two mini drones are convenient to play without limits of fields. As they are hexacopters, they are more stable to fly than mini quads. Both are equipped with 2MP HD camera to take clear pictures and videos. And with the included 4GB card and card reader, we can easily deal with the shooting images and share with friends.

Featuring headless mode and one key return, most of us can handle WLtoys Q282J and Q282G with confidences. I think the flight time is also nice about 6 minutes, which is what we can expect from a drone of such a size.

Shared features:
Size: 13.7*13.5
Color: black and white
Material: ABS foam
Remote control distance: 60-80 meters
Flight duration: 6 minutes
Recharging time: 90 minutes
Motor: 720 motors *6
With LED lights

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