Keyshare Glint professional, the newest drone is something to look forward to

Keyshare Glint professional

Newest drone! Keyshare Glint professional is coming! Maybe you haven’t heard of it, but never mind, here is the perfect chance for you to know more about it. It is a quad providing blue and white. Different from others, manufacturer spent lots of efforts on building an extremely solid structure, which makes the drone is shatter-resistant.

Keyshare Glint professionalKeyshare Glint professional comes almost ready to fly, integrating two-axis stabilized gimbal and 1080P high- definition camera. The parameters are pre-adjusted, so you just need to make a simple assembly and then fly. By mounting a GPS module, it can position precisely and hover stably for your convenience to shoot.

Keyshare Glint professionalThe equipped remote controller looks usual, but it is full of surprises. First of all, it comes with a screen but not for displaying flight parameters like other quads do, it is used to show you the real scenery in the sky, give you different flight feelings and let you fully appreciate the magic of nature. Moreover, it provides super long remote control distance up to 1200m, which will definitely boost the flying fun and enable you to capture as well as enjoy more beautiful scenery.

Keyshare Glint professional

Beyond that, you’ll be delighted to hear that Keyshare Glint professional offers long flight time. Powered by the large capacity LiPo battery, you can fly up to 25 minutes, which is enough to meet your needs of enjoying aerobatic flights and sky views. So, this Keyshare Glint professional does have something to look forward to, let’s keep eyes on it.

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