Feiyu FY-G4 Gimbal gives you everything you want

Feiyu FY-G4 Gimbal

This is a hand-held gimbal, tailor made for us to take selfies. Feiyu FY-G4 Gimbal is an improved version, designed for Gopro 3\4, which perfectly combines precision engineering and electronics, simple to use, we can surely have a pleasant shooting effect with it. Don’t you believe? I’ll convince you in the followings.

Feiyu FY-G4 Gimbal

Design excellence comes from experience. Through four generations of development, this time, Feiyu FY-G4 Gimbal adopts more user-friendly designs. The new cleaner, sleeker design provides an altogether better experience while filming. This gimbal is 235mm high and weighs just 305g, we can comfortably operate by hands for long period of time. The wire free design also gives the gimbal a look that is as stunning as its stable performance. Besides, an extra inch is available in Feiyu FY-G4 Gimbal, which makes all the difference. With that, we can enjoy more flexible shooting angles and broader views.

Feiyu FY-G4 Gimbal

In addition to nice designs, Feiyu FY-G4 Gimbal comes with excellent configurations, making it work best for us. The body incorporates super smooth brushless motor technology with a strong aircraft grade aluminum structure. Regular, easy to perform firmware upgrades, mean the gimbal ‘s performance and functionality can evolve over use. Out of the box, it is the perfect Hero 4 filming tool.

No one will like complicated operations. Feiyu FY-G4 Gimbal with the belief that simplicity is the key to good operation, offers simple three mode design making it caters for every based ground environment. Therefore, we can easily control the gimbal.

Sensible, well thought out design, this 3-axis(pitch, roll and heading) gimbal provides broader angles and more fulfilling stable photography. Try filming upside, low to the ground or even capture a beautifully stable selfies! Have fun with Feiyu FY-G4 Gimbal. If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the product page here.

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