A cost-effective way to let you own a quadcopter

RC 250 Carbon Fiber

Do RC quadcopters belong to rich men’ toys? Of course not! Most quadcopters are expensive for ordinary people, but now we can also own one quadcopter by assembling with our hands, which is cost effective. And RC 250 Carbon Fiber can help us to do that.

As you can see on the picture below, they are the all materials that RC 250 Carbon Fiber offers. Obviously, they are extremely simple, and of course we can assemble it easily. During the assembly, i can’t help imagining how it looks after finishing assembling, making the whole process full of excitement.

RC 250 Carbon Fiber

The answer is here! The picture below shows the whole view of the finished model. Well, i think it is not bad. So light it is! Being made of carbon fiber, the model without other components just weighs 101g. The red metals do a good job on stabilizing the whole structure, making the quadcopter very firm.

RC 250 Carbon Fiber

With a model, the next step we should do is to install components, like motor and ESC. This RC 250 Carbon Fiber is recommended to adopts FC 5030/6045 Propeller, 1806 Motor, EMAX Simonk 12A Brushless ESC, ACE 3S/2200MAH/30C Lipo Battery and 2-3S Charger. All these can be found on Banggood at best prices.

RC 250 Carbon Fiber also allows us to mount a cam. By doing that, a FPV quadcopter is formed.  If you want more info check the full info over on our product page here.

Prices of each component on Banggood:
RC 250 Carbon Fiber: US$21.49
FC 5030 Propeller: US$1.89
1806 Motor: US$16.99
EMAX Simonk 12A Brushless ESC: US$8.6
ACE 3S/2200MAH/30C Lipo Battery; US$18.99
2-3S Charger: US$8

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