SKYRC Charger Discharger, more than a charger

SKYRC Charger Discharger

SKYRC Charger Discharger is the small and upgraded version for well-known IMAX B6 Battery Balance Charger. Compared with B6, it is has new features and functions with its super compact size, and the power and charge current are 20% up. Smaller size but bigger power. Let’s have a closer look at this professional balance charger/discharger.

SKYRC Charger Discharger

SKYRC Charger Discharger comes with many different charging modes. Depending on different kinds of batteries we use, there are different charging modes to meet our requests. Take LiPo battery for example, as we can see from the picture below, it provides normal charge, balance charge, fast charge, discharge and storage modes.

Besides, SKYRC Charger Discharger has a built-in cooling fan. Function of the fan is obvious. This cooling fan has better heat transfer function, which can ensure healthy functioning of the charger.

SKYRC Charger DischargerWhat’s more, SKYRC Charger Discharger is multi-functional. It can be used as Lithium Battery Meter, Battery Internal Resistance Meter, Battery Meter, Program Data Store/Load. It also features Maximum Safety which owns functions of Automatic Charging Current Limit, Capacity Limit, Temperature Threshold and Processing Time Limit, bringing us a much safer charger than B6.

Beyond that, we could connect SKYRC Charger Discharger to PC to monitor pack voltage, cell voltage and other data during charging, and view charge data in real-time graphics as well as control charging and upgrade firmware.

SKYRC Charger DischargerIn addition to connect with PC, it also allows to be connected with our smartphone, which means we can easily control and operate the charger via WIFI module.

So far, i think SKYRC Charger Discharger is really awesome. It owns strong compatibility with different batteries, various functions, enhanced safety and can be connected with PC or smartphone. This high-performance charger deserves you to buy. If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the product page on Banggood and can be ordered here.

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