DYS 250 Power Combo: 5030 Propeller, 1806-2300KV Motor, BL10A ESC

DYS 250

If you are looking for proper power components to build your own RC plane, have a try with this DYS 250. It is a power combo integrating 5030 Propeller, 1806-2300KV Motor and BL10A ESC as well as the accessories needed during installations. They fit with each other well, so you don’t need to spend time finding extra matched components.

DYS 250

Your first applying of DYS 250 would make your flight an unforgettable experience. All parts it brings are in good quality while at extremely favorable price. The motor and the ESC are ultra light, which won’t add too much weight to your drone, so you flying is still agile. On the contrary to their mini size, the power they produce is amazing!

The motor provides maximum power up to 84.4W, so combing four or more , you can surely receive strong thrust to fly. Besides, the ESC is compatible with BLHeli program, but without BEC. What’s great is that the ESC can withstand 13 A current and will not be burned. Pay attention that it is not capable of 3s or 4s battery power which would make it burn.

Last but not least, the adopted propellers are made of plastic with good elasticity, which makes it able to pitch up to 30 degree, so they are hard to break when unexpected collisions take place. They fit well with 250mm mini quadcopters. So what do you think of this DYS 250? Try it, and you’ll know the answer. If you want more info check the full info over on our product page.

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