Several tips on how to select a gimbal for RC airplanes

FY MiNi2D 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal

To sum up, there are several points we should take into account when selecting a gimbal for RC airplanes, such as installation, weight, stability, rotational angels and rotational speed. Today, i will take FY MiNi 2D Brushless Gimbal for example to elaborate. Here we go!

FY MiNi2D Brushless GimbalNo one will like a gimbal that is tough to assemble, so when choosing, you should first think of this problem. FY MiNi 2D Brushless Gimbal is easy to install, you just need to simply connect to the power supply and it can work independently. Such kind of gimbal can be put into practice quickly.

Secondly, as it is a gimbal for RC airplanes, it can’t be heavy. Therefore, we should consider weight of gimbal. Like FY MiNi 2D Brushless Gimbal, it is in light weight(110g), offering us more convenience to use.

FY MiNi2D Brushless Gimbal

Undoubtedly, stability is a vital factor affecting a gimbal’s working performance. The more axis a gimbal owns, the more stable it will be. In this aspect, FY MiNi2D Brushless Gimbal ’s stability may not be outstanding as it is a 2-axis gimbal.

Followed by is rotational angles. Of course, the wider angles it supports, the larger view we can enjoy. FY MiNi 2D Brushless Gimbal supports ± 45 ° roll angle, ± 150 ° pitch angle and maximum heading angle of 135 °, which is good. But the gimbals with unlimited 360degree rotation are most wonderful.

FY MiNi2D Brushless Gimbal

The last point is rotational speed. No matter how wide the angle is, it can’t be fully used if the rotational speed in slow. FY MiNi 2D Brushless Gimbal provides maximum pitch following rate of 45 °/sec and maximum heading following rate 75 °\sec. With this configuration, it is no problem for us to quickly capture unique moment.

I hope the above tips can benefit you. If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the product page here.

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