SunnySky Angel A2208 motor

SunnySky Angel A2208

For RC airplane players, they are not unfamiliar with SunnySky series of motors. While i think SunnySky Angel A2208 is a little different because of its color. Purple gives a breath of fresh air. But anyhow, for motors, its function is more important than its looks.

SunnySky Angel A2208SunnySky Angel A2208 is suitable for vehicles and remote control toys like quadcopter. It is made of metal, which enables a longer service time for us. It is a small yet powerful motor for park flyers up to 18 oz. It is also a recommended motor for trainer up to 18 oz, warbirds and sport airplanes up o 15 oz by using 8X4E prop with 3S LiPo, or 3D airplanes up to 10 oz by using the above 2S LiPo setup.

SunnySky Angel A2208 will bring out its best if it cooperates with 20A ESC, 7.4V 3S Lipo  Battery and APC 8X4E prop(if your battery is 11.1V 2S Lipo Battery, then it would be better to adopt APC 9X4.7 SF or10X4.7 SF prop). If you want more info check the full info over on our product page here.

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