FMS P-40B can be speedy as well as stable


Warbirds always give us different flight experience with its unbeatable speed and large scale appearance. The 980mm high speed P-40B warhawk PNP is another fantastic warbird from FMS. It is made using lightweight but highly durable EPO foam, equipped with 4 metal gear digital servos to better conduct each of your operational requests. Besides, it also provides LED navigation lights on the wingspan for those dusk/dawn patrols.


Flying with FMS P-40B is definitely speedy! The 3-blade prop provides stronger power to fly and the speed is just fine with it. Combing a 770Kv motor and 70Amp ESC to handle 4S batteries with ease to achieve 95-100mph! In fact, this plane adopts a modular motor board which allows us to use both 3536 and 3648 motor to reach more powerful and higher- speed flight. Moreover, ball link connectors are also used to replace the traditional clevis for a more positive link to control surfaces, and two composite spars are employed in the wing for added strength to make it fine when colliding some barriers.


If you are not a speed guy, you will still enjoy this plane cause it is nice and stable at half throttle. For people who pursue even faster speed, in addition to adopt larger size motor mentioned above, you can also optionally go to a non scale 2 blade prop to achieve speed in excess of 100mph!

No matter you enjoy heart-pounding speed or just a stable flight, FMS P-40B can satisfy you.  For the latest official price and full specs see the product page here.

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